Drive your cars on road for long terms availing our 6+ services 

Crafted services ensuring you to spend more time driving the car much comfortably 

Features offered by Magizhunthu Paniagam

6 Services

Any Care Service - Magizhunthu Paniagam

Any Care Services

From Mechanical Repairs to Accidental repairs we got it covered for you
Tinkering & Painting - Magizhunthu Paniagam

Tinkering & Painting

Get a fresh coat for your car and make things look new again
Decores - Magizhunthu Paniagam


Seat Covers, Sun Film, Roof Stickers, Alloys, Speakers & Stereos, and the list goes on…
Car Detailing - Magizhunthu Paniagam

Car Detailing

We offer car detailing services to make things pretty cool
Wheel Care - Magizhunthu Paniagam

Wheel Care

Extending from Wheel Alignment to Tyre Replacement, we have it all
Insurance - Magizhunthu Paniagam


Renew your two & four wheeler insurance and get eligible for cashless claim for upto 13 companies.